Our Services

Rotor Balancing

In-Place Balancing of:

  • Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Generator Rotors
  • Fans, Pumps
  • Electric Motors 

Vibration Diagnostics

  • Pre-Outage Vibration Surveys
  • Vibration Acceptance Testing of New Machinery
  • Determination of Mechanical Defects and Corrective Actions

Alignment Services

  • Precision Shaft-to-Shaft Alignment Measurement
  • Determination of Optimum "cold offset" Position
  • Alignment of Internal Machine Bores

Machinery Improvements

  • Custom-designed High Performance Flexible Couplings
  • Hydrodynamic Bearing Upgrades

Shop Surveillance

  • Evaluation of Shop-Recommended Repair Procedures
  • Supervision to Ensure Shop Repairs Meet Your Specifications
  • Third-Party Witness of In-Shop Rotor Balancing

If you are looking for something not listed here, we would be pleased to work with you to make it happen.

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