About Dynamic Balancing, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Dynamic Balancing, Inc. prides itself in providing our customers "good value." Through the services afforded by our staff, we have continuously increased our base of satisfied customers throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Carribean.


We strive for "continuous improvement" in the way we conduct our business and these same attributes are reflected in the work we perform for you, our valued customer. 


We operate our business in a most efficient manner so that we may offer our services at competitive rates. It is our desire that all of our customers feel that they have achieved positive results from our work, and that they have received "good value."


Many of our customers have realized long-term benefits from our assistance with improving the reliability of their critical production machinery. 

Our technicians are accustomed to working on critical production equipment. All work is performed in a manner that will not compromise the safety of machinery, nor personnel.

Founder and owner Chuck Hildebrand has 35 years' experience in analyzing and solving mechanical problems in the power generation industry. He is a Category IV I.S.O. Certified Vibration Analyst through the Vibration Institute. This combination of experience and knowledge can provide you with valuable assistance in improving your operation.